Hungry Soul  

What we eat matters – What we choose to eat affects every aspect of life on the planet.

Eating plant-based foods is so much better for our personal health and for the overall health of our planet. It also means that there are no animals suffering from the terrible realities of industrial farming.

The way we do things must change… be a part of the change!

Jacques … at the heart of Hungry Soul

Growing up in a vegetarian family, we believed that no animal should suffer for our benefit. However, it was not until much later in life that I became aware of the massive negative impact of animal husbandry.
What we choose to eat not only means animal suffering on a massive scale, but our global ecosystem is now hanging in the balance because of it.

The good news is, we can do something about it…

We can change the culture!

Yes, each one of us, can make a difference. When we decide to eat plant-based food our health will improve, the destruction of our environment will diminish and the horrible suffering that so many animals must endure, will stop.
We have so much to look forward to if only we choose to change what we eat. Hungry Soul’s mission is to help make that change easier with tasty plant only food.

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To me there is nothing more satisfying than preparing a meal – the colours, the smells, the tastes and best of all sharing it with others.

Jacques Brennan

Chef, Author, Blogger

What people are saying about our cheese.

” … Wow ! This is sooooo good”. Michelle, after her first taste of Garlic & Chives

“… I ate them all myself and did not even share 😉 … I NEED MORE, please,”. Julie, Wickham Way

” … Mmmmmn,” followed by a long silent pause , “I would not know this was vegan, it tastes just like other cream cheese.”. Cesar, Chef of Republic of Grill

” … this is the best vegan cheese I have ever tasted.”. Pablo ( from Chile visiting Ireland )