When I am hungry, I just love a plate a beans. To be truly satiated, to be full, I need protein … I need beans.
Of course there is protein in all plant food. All plants have protein in them, in varying quantities, but there is something about beans that fills me.
Perhaps the biggest problem with vegan options in restaurants is the lack of beans or pulses / legumes. More and more restaurants are offering vegan dishes on their menu and this is a wonderful thing, but too often they are missing the legumes; the beans, the peas or the lentils. These are the foods that make a main dish a meal!
I was making pizza, it was Friday night. Pizza is flat bread with toppings, along with it I need more things to compliment it … a big green salad, sometimes a carrot salad and at times I really want beans.
I had in my cupboard cans of kidney beans and chickpeas. I opened them, put them together and created this. That is how I often cook, no need for complicated ingredients…simple works best for me. Of course I have influences, this is based on a dish I had in Cap Verde, I made it mine, my touch 🙂

enough for 4 servings
1/2 can of cooked kidney beans, 200g1 can of cooked chickpeas, 400g1/2 a red onion or sweet onionA good drizzle of extra virgin olive oila pinch of salt

– Drain and rinse the kidney beans and set aside.- Drain and rinse the chickpeas, them put them in a small pot, cover with water and bring to the boil. Once at the boil, turn off the heat and drain once more but do not rinse.- Finely chop the onion- Mix the onion with the chickpeas and and kidney beans, add a pinch of salt and a good drizzle of olive oil.

Serve right away while still warm.

I started eating it and couldn’t stop. Yes, I was hungry, but the warm chickpeas with the onion and a little olive oil are just sooooo good!

Why not a warm salad?
I had some green leaves from the garden – rocket in this case, I just put those warm beans on a bed of green leaves and drizzled a little wonderful balsamic ‘cream’ that I found in the Urban Coop in Limerick
That was all … and so good, so simple, so tasty!

And imagine, only a day later in my WhatsApp messages was an article about warm salads … yes, my friend Paddy, an aspiring vegan, sent me a very interesting article by a chef I had not heard of, Bryant Terry … all about vegan warm salads.
You can read more about him on his site …

Nice to see great tasty dishes becoming so popular … Is it the writing on the wall? or rather, ‘the snail’s journey to the garden’?