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RECIPE: The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sambo

A grilled cheese sandwich is a lovely warm snack. This one is made with a little more effort, but so worth it.
You can make it into a lunch with a little salad on the side but i love it as late night snack. Make this for your friend or lover and the outcome can only be rapturous!

My friend Sheila’s words who introduced me to this new version of the classical sandwich, ” Oh my God, Jacques, I am eating the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had in my life!” … and it was vegan!

Picture courtesy of Sheila, herself!

Sheila is a food connoisseur and a wonderful cook. I love being invited to her table to share great food, a drink or two and plenty of stories and laughter. She also has a radar for all good things vegan and keeps me updated whenever she finds a new establishment serving good vegan food. In this case it was Sweet Beet Cafe, in Sligo, Ireland. This sandwich was on their menu. She then reproduced it at home to great success.
In her exuberance and while eating she sent me the most descriptive video of the moment and she has allowed me to share it with you. After this video, you will all want to make some … right away!

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sambo
Make at least two, this is for sharing.
This takes a little early preparation but it is worth it.

INGREDIENTS – 4 slices of light sourdough bread or other sliced bread- One onion – red or yellow, marinated ( instructions below )- Handful of grated vegan ‘ cheddar’ cheese- 1 cup of vegan bechamel sauce – do not worry, recipe below… very easy.- Vegan plant butter- Ketchup – if you like that sort of thing, some do, I do!
Part 1 – Make a cream sauce – a vegan bechamel or see recipe here
Part 2 – Slice up an onion in strips and immerse in pickle juice for a few hours. If you do not have pickle juice, use the juice of a lemon and a pinch of salt.
Part 3 – Make the sandwich.

  1. Slice up your onion and marinate an hour or more if you have time.
  2. Make the bechamel sauce and set aside.
  3. Butter the four slices of bread
  4. On one side spread a layer of bechamel, sprinkle with some good vegan cheddar cheese and plenty of onion ( or much as you like ).
  5. Sandwich it with the other slice.
  6. Butter the outside of the slices of bread then toast in a frying pan on medium heat until golden on both sides.

Wonderful with a little tangy ketchup or on a plate with a few roast potatoes or chips and a green salad, ( like in the first picture ). A real easy afternoon meal!