What you eat affects your skin.
All the studies and information are great, but to me the best evidence is people’s actual experience.
Some people made a choice to change what they ate – read the results below.
…you might just think twice about what you eat tomorrow.

SylvieI am writing about your blog “Healthy Skin”. ( Le Journal Vol.6, Series 2 ) After reading your article I thought about my daughter who is now 18. I have noticed throughout her teenage years and still today that she has never really had any acne. That really struck me because I am someone who had bad acne, as my sister did. We both had to take a medication so strong that we were told not to get pregnant during that time or the fetus could have malformations. We both had the same diet, which was certainly not vegetarian and we had to take that medication a second time. Unfortunately, my sister’s daughter had to take that medication too as she was following her mother’s diet. Being vegan really helped my daughter to feel good about herself during her teenage years and still today!

MaeveI had been veggie for the guts of 10 years. I hadn’t been drinking milk for years (not intentionally, I just didn’t like it) when I decided to cut out most dairy out of my diet. [ It was ] mainly to help with my skin more than anything else and It definitely worked.

HannahI became vegan about 2 and a half years ago. I’d been trying vegetarian and vegan on and off my whole life but never had the knowledge to sustain it. I went vegan once I started my job at a vegan health store/cafe where I have learnt everything I know now – nutritional information and cooking! My biggest reason was for animals as I’m such a huge animal lover. Another reason was because I have chronic illness issues and it’s helped a lot with that.

Andrew ” I had very bad acne up until I was 20 and then I switched to a vegan diet and my skin was noticeably clearer within 2 weeks. My mother commenting after 1 month saying my skin was glowing. It boosted my confidence, I was more energetic and outgoing and even my social anxiety softened! It absolutely changed my quality of life for the better. A year later I introduced dairy again to my diet and within 2 weeks I noticed my skin starting to flare once again … It was excessive dairy eating almost like a smoker going back to cigarettes after trying to quit. Then, I slowly weened myself off it again and now I only eat dairy when I have no other choice, a maximum of 2 or 3 times a month, I.e. in a restaurant that can’t cook vegan or in a house that does not have a dairy alternative for tea or cereal. I’m still uncomfortable eating dairy but I choose at times to allow it as a well informed luxury.”
” I also make sure to add plenty of blueberries, walnuts and spinach to my diet nowadays which really helps me look and feel healthier.”
LisaI initially went vegetarian for my eczema, back in 2011. When I moved to Toronto in 2012, I started volunteering for the Toronto Vegetarian Association, and I learned about the ethical reasons and how easy it was to go vegan. I took the leap in 2013 and I haven’t looked back since!
The picture says it all…

What does Sylvie, Andrew and Lisa’s experiences tell us?

Healthy skin comes from the inside.What we choose to eat has a strong effect on the health of our skin.We can have controlover our own skin’s health.
… so why not take control?
Why not try plant-based diet and see if it can improve your skin?

Family of life long vegetarians. 5 children, now grown up, … never any acne, nor eczema.

What’s Skin For ?

The skin is our body’s first contact with our environment.
It is a protective layer from heat and cold and foreign bodies ( such as bacteria and viruses ) which could harm our system. It also help to regulate the temperature of the body through the sweat glans and is full of important nerve endings which allow us to feel heat, cold, pain, texture, pleasure …
An organ we cannot live without. For this reason it is so important that we take good care of it.
How to do this?
As with all organs the cells are continuously ‘reborn’ and nourished from our blood vessels. These vessel carry nutrients metabolized from the food we eat.
Most issues with our skin come from what we eat.
To have good skin all we need to do is eat well … it’s that simple.

If you have problems with your skin, the first thing you should do is to modify your diet, what you put into your body. . What you eat affects all your organs and certainly your skin.

Food for that beautiful skin

It is not complicated, not expensive and it does not need to come from a bottle or jar…

Spinach is good for so many things …and skin!
You may hear of all kinds of foods that are reputed to be specifically good for the skin and I am sure many of them are – you hear antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, hydrating …
The key is to eat plenty of plant food – fresh food – whole food – the natural food our bodies are meant to run on. Not only do they give us strength and energy, whole foods plant-based promotes healthy gut bacteria, reduced inflammation, proper digestion and …
yes, glowing skin.

A recipe which packs a punch, full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and is sure to make you glow is the Leaves & Bean Salad, Click here for the recipe.

Did you know ?

There is no acne in cultures where they eat mostly plant-based diets ( they do not eat the modern western diet – refined foods, processed foods or high quantities of animal-based foods ).