It was 9pm and I noticed we had no bread in the house and I love toasted bread in the morning.

Irish Soda Bread – Homemade
We happen to be on holiday, 20 minutes from the nearest shop and at this hour all would be closed. Why not just make some, did you ever think of that? We have forgotten how easy it actually is to make our own bread and how good it tastes.
I had made some the day before and my niece Aimee’s reaction was, ” I just love your bread”. She was leaving the next day so I had two reasons to make more bread. One loaf for us and one for her to take with her – food, good homemade food, is such a great gift.
When young people likes my food – vegan, healthy and tasty food, I like to encourage them. So I share the recipe and give them more to tempt them. So Aimee, this recipe is here for you. I hope you make it, it is so easy, just give it a try!
It took me a few minutes to put together … and 30 minutes to bake.


Irish Soda Bread

I first ate this bread when courting a young Irish girl. Peggy, my future mother-in-law, though I did not know it at the time, served me her own bread. I was impressed and even more because it was so good.

Later she taught me how to make it. This is based on her recipe with a few adjustments. Traditional Irish soda bread is made with sour milk, so I make it with soya milk and vinegar to curdle it. Works very well, better … it tastes great.

2 cups of strong white flour1 cup of wholemeal brown flour1/2 tsp salt1 tsp bread soda / baking soda – bicarbonate of soda .( you can use baking powder, use 1 1/4 tsp)
1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar1 tbsp of olive oil1 1/4 cup of water ( or a plant, nut milk is good as well )

1. Mix together the flour, bread soda and the salt, then add the wet ingredients.2. The dough is almost wet, but not quite. If it is too wet just use enough to make it into shape and no more. The moisture evaporates in the cooking and it is lighter.2. Make into a rounded cake about 3cm / 1” ½ high. Cut a deep cross in the top almost quartering it and place into the middle rack of the oven. 3. Cook for 5 mins at 200 C / 400 F, then lower the oven temp. to 180 C / 350 F and cook another 30 minutes. 4. Check if it is cooked by tapping the underside of the bread, if it sounds hollow, it is ready. Otherwise leave it in the oven another 5 minutes or so.
Allow to cool before cutting or it will crumble too easily.
N.B. This bread has no additives or preservatives … good wholesome daily bread! It will be good for a week or more … then just toast it and it will be fine.
Found on page 164 in Hungry Soul

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