Should we be surprised that plants hold the secrets to our healing?
What are isoflavonoids?
Isoflavoniods are plant derived compounds that act like estrogen ( like hormones ), but they are not hormones. They are called Phyto ( plant-based ) ‘estrogens’, and are sometimes referred to as antioxidants. These help reduce inflammation which if left unchecked eventually leads to many of our chronic diseases today, especially those associated with the reproductive organs.
Scientists are finding out that these phyto-estrogens play an important role in reducing the risk of hormone related cancers – breast, uterine, prostate. They also relieve menopausal symptoms and help maintain bone mineral density, thus reducing osteoporosis.
Where can we get more of them?
They are in plants, mainly in legumes such as lentils, chickpeas and especially soya beans. In countries where soya is eating on a daily basis there is a very low incident of these chronic diseases.
What is quite interesting is that when the Isoflavanoids are isolated and proscribed as supplements or medication, their positive effects are greatly deminished. For the isoflanoids / phytoestrogens / antioxidants to have a real impact on our systems we need to consume them as close as possible to the original complete plant food. Such as soya beans or food products made from soya beans … like tofu!