Time I put my name to something. Garlic bread is not something original but making it vegan is different and tastes twice as good as any other way … really, try it and you will know. You will only make it like this in the future.

who can live without garlic bread?

RECIPE – Vegan Garlic Bread

When I make lasagna, one of our family’s preferred weekend dinners, I am always asked to have garlic bread. I have been making garlic bread many different ways but only starting making it like in the last few years. Once you start making this one, everyone will want you to make it again!
There will be a little bit of oil but at times one must indulge the need for Super ‘comfort’ Food!
Here is how I make it, very simple and yes, oh so tasty:
INGREDIENTSTo make 5 slices– A loaf of light sourdough bread or an Irish batch loaf ( the batch loaf is pure white with a thick hard and crispy crust , a large Italian loaf works very well also )- ¼ cup vegan butter such as Naturli – ¼ olive oil, extra virgin- 3 cloves of garlic finely chopped- A pinch of sea salt- A small handful of chopped parsley

METHOD1. Allow the vegan butter to soften by leaving it out as you do the rest.2. Add the olive oil, minced garlic, the pinch of salt and the chopped parsley, then mix it all together until you have a runny sauce.3. If you have time, let this stand 20 minutes to infuse the garlic in the oil.4. Cut your slices 1 inch ( in old money ) or 2 cm thick … yes, you want it that thick.5. Spread the sauce over both sides of the bread, try and cover it evenly. If you run out just drizzle a little olive oil on the dry parts.6. Get the grill red hot then brown one side of the slices then the other. Special Note – Stay close to the grill as the bread will burn very easily ( I have much experience of burning garlic bread and there is not worse crime )
Serve it with anything… but I like it with a lively spicy penne al’ arrabiatta.
Buon Appetito,
Jacques X

Another picture to wet the appetite … now try to resist!