RECIPE – Mayonnaise
100% HUNGRY SOUL MOMENT – Soda / Irish Brown Bread – from the book– Mayonnaise – from the book as well– Cherry tomatoes from Hungry Soul’s garden!

This was a big deal a few years back. Becoming vegan there was no alternative to mayo… and everyone likes mayonnaise. Chips and mayo, can’t be beat!Some early vegan ones came out, tofu based, and others, but they were not to my liking.
Then on a business trip to Spain I was introduced to Aioli, a garlic mayonnaise that uses very little egg … at least the tradition one doesn’t. Inquiring further as is my interest when there is something foodie, I was told that in the past it was only made with oil, garlic and salt! I tasted some … couldn’t stop eating it!
But as it happens I was lucky enough to spend a ‘stage’ in a famous restaurant in Dublin, Cornucopia, one of the original vegetarian restaurants and today mostly vegan. While there, I picked up how to make vegan mayo. It seemed so easy. Took me a few tries to get it right, often it just remained a thick liquid.
An avid reader of Hungry Soul cookbook, Jonnie, @jonniewallace, from Scotland, a musician and a great cook was having trouble with the vegan mayo recipe. So I made some again, paying close attention to detail to see where it might not work and how to improve it. So here it is … revised and improved 😉 .

Mayonnaise ( vegan, of course )
1 cup of vegetable oil ( not olive oil as it can be too strong )1/2 cup soya milk ( shake carton well before pouring it out )1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar1 tsp of dijon mustardA pinch of salt
1. Put everything is an bullet blender if you have one.2. Give it a quick pulse, then one more …done.3. Refrigerate a while so that it sets even more.

Special Notes
– Often I add a clove or two of garlic, finelly chopped.- A large food processor and a small quantity may not work, I used a smaller bullet blend and it worked / set right away.- A tbsp of olive oil added before blending will give it a nice taste.