Hungry Soul now makes cream cheese… made 100% from plants.

Hungry Soul ‘Spread It’ just like cream cheese,only, made from plants. When I became vegan the food I found hardest to give up was cheese. So I decided to try and make a very nice plant-based cheese. One using traditional cultured methods. I wanted to create that tangy taste that comes from fermentation. I started to look into it.
Was it actually possible to make cheese using similar methods as dairy cheese but with a plant based milk or cream?
After much research and many, many, many, trials, my efforts started to bear fruit. Members of my family were my initial cheese tasters as were several friends who endured and survived the cultures, molds and fungal growths I was experimenting with.
My aim was to make a hard cheese, like cheddar or Manchego. To test the cultures I first made cream cheese, then started making dryer, harder and aged cheeses.
But somehow I kept coming back to the cream cheese. My dear wise wife one day looked at me and said,
” If the cream cheese works so well, why are you trying other things? Make the cream cheese!” Of course I did not listen at first and then I had to make it look like it was MY idea. But eventually I focused on the cream cheese, My mother said, ” I think you need three different types”, so I made three different flavours.
Yes, this is a family business!
SPREAD IT, was born, just like CREAM CHEESE, cultured & fermented using traditional methods, but using plants.

It tastes as good as it looks. Well, in my opinion, even better! 

Changing the Culture

Cheese was traditionally made using natural cultures, basically bacteria and fungi from the air and some already in the milk which ferments.
With fermentation, reduction in water content, salt and time, we got cheese.
Making cheese involves a lot of milk. It can take up to 10 litres of milk to make one kilo of cheese. Since milk is only produced by lactating mammals, mostly cows, you can imagine how many animals are required. And just think of the amounts of feces created which pollute the rivers and lakes. I could go into more detail but this not a pleasant subject, so let’s talk about something positive.
Our aim is to change the culture, quite literally.
We want to change how we eat by making a vegan cheese that tastes very good. Good enough for all people to enjoy it, even better.

To do this we are using similar cultures as does dairy cheese making but which are vegan … so yes, we are changing the cultures used and making a vegan cheese.
It has been quite a journey but one we are very happy with and judging by our customers’ reaction, one many are happy about … read some of the reviews below!

Jacques , the Big Cheese or as he prefers to be called, The Master Vegan Cheese Maker

Lactose Intolerance

We now know that much of the population find it hard to digest dairy products. This is perhaps because milk is only meant for babies and not older children or adults.
Hungry Soul vegan cream cheese is also:
– Lactose free– Dairy free– Gluten free– Cholesterol free
and Tasty!
We use only organic ingredients and there are no artificial preservatives, no refined oils, starches or sugars …
N.B. we do add a bit of organic garlic & chives into one of them and organic smoked paprika & onion in another … we must have choice.  

BRUNCH – A vegan croissant with Garlic & Chives cream cheese – a perfect combination


” … this is the best vegan cheese I have ever tasted.” Pablo ( from Chile visiting Ireland )
” … Mmmmmn,” followed by a long silent pause , “I would not know this was vegan, it tastes just like other cream cheese.” Cesar, Chef of Republic of Grill
“… I ate them all myself and did not even share 😉 … I NEED MORE, please,” Julie, Wickham Way
” … Wow ! This is sooooo good” Michelle, after her first taste of Garlic & Chives
” … I am lactose intolerant, I need more of your cheese, same as last time, no give me two this time” Bruno from Brazil

At this moment, Hungry Soul cream cheese is only available in the West of Ireland… sorry.
But one of these days we hope you will be able to buy it in a shop near you.