Well, this one sure is ! Egg-less vegan omelette.

In our house we are continuously experimenting and finding ways to make dishes that where not vegan by replacing the dairy or meat parts with plant food. The internet is a wonderful source for this. Just Google – Vegan … anything and you will have a recipe.
The demand for vegan alternative dishes has never been so popular. And this is great news for anyone trying to become vegan.
My daughter found a way to make omelettes using chickpea flour. I was very interested. they looked so good. I am not sure the ingredients in her’s but i am familiar with ‘gram’ or chickpea flour. All that is required is to make a batter by adding a little water to the flour and you have the base for an omelette.


The Recipe
You see chickpea flour and water cook to a rubbery texture much like eggs. The taste though is quite different. The key is to make them thin. I like to load them up with fresh herbs, chives are perfect but basil is very good or little chopped parsley. Here is my recipe, try making them, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
Enough to make 2 or three omelettes
INGREDIENTS½ cup chickpea flour ( often called gram flour)¼ tsp salt ( if you can get black salt it gives a sulphur flavour similar to eggs)1 tbsp nutritional yeast½ tsp of onion powder ½ cup oat milk or water – enough to make a runny batterA good grind of black pepper
Filling- chopped tomato- finely chopped garlic- chopped green onion or chives- vegan cheddar cheese, or other vegan cheese you prefer- a little chopped fresh parsley or basil

Make the batter mixing all the ingredients together. Allow to stand 10 minutes or so.Warm an oiled frying pan and pour in approx. a third of the batter. Move the pan around to get the batter to spread as thin as possible.On top sprinkle as much of the filling you feel is right ( see attached photo )Once the bottom is brown and the batter has set, 3 to 4 minutes, fold it in half. Cook it another minute and turn it and give in another minutes on the other side.Serve it hot.
A perfect brunch served with some fresh hash brown and fried onion.

bon appétit !