Chef’s say, ” It’s all in the sauce!” why?

Because sauce give so much flavour. The wetness is also something we all like, whether on the side or poured on top, I just love plenty of sauce.
Think of any dish, even a burger, it’s the sauces that makes it. With the bun, the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions … but what about the mayo, the tomato sauce or the spicy sauce, all these make it a meal.

And then there are dishes that are plain saucy

I am about to cook one of my favourite dishes, African Peanut Stew. My daughter has been asking me to make this for some time. Why? because it is such a lovely saucy dish… only problem, I rarely make enough. Everyone wants seconds and then some.
The African peanut stew is full of chunky vegetables which you pour over steaming mashed potatoes. Today, I will make Culcannon ( Irish mash potatoes – with plenty vegan butter or a drop of oil with loads of fried onions and steamed cabbage or kale ).
In African the ritual is the same. A large bowl of mashed or pounded African yam or manioc and a tasty spicy sauce … what a meal!

Yes, there is a recipe … African Peanut Stew ( just click on it )
Have a look, you will want to make it. Very easy if you follow the instructions… could become your new weekly dish. Eat it the next day for lunch and your colleagues will be salivating watching and smelling your food!
Another great one is Goulash, an Eastern European dish with a base of saucy paprika and garlic along with carrots peppers onions …and potatoes , will need to add this one to the site. Another warm dish for the cold days.
Irish Stew is another … wait for the super vegan version, to be published soon.

Of course there are many types of sauces

Here are three that I use a lot;
VEGAN MAYO ( click here to get the recipe … make it yourself, can’t beat homemade )
This is sauce for;– Chips, that is French fries to some, ( especially blended with a little Dijon mustard)– Potato salad & coleslaw– Sandwiches & of course – Burgers

VINAIGRETTE ( click here for the recipe )
Yes, this is also sauce… sauce for;– for salad – salad dressing to some. I just call it vinaigrette, the French word, but I guess it is universal today.– Over warm baby new potatoes– Good for dipping warm homemade bread into, why not?!

TAHINI SAUCE ( Click if you want the recipe )
This sauce I picked up while travelling in the Middle East and it is regularly made in our house. – a prerequisite for Falafel, – salad dressing, especially for spinach or kale- recently I have started drizzling it on Pizza … to me, better that cheese!

So what are you waiting for?
Make some sauce or a saucy dish, you will not regret it. And all these are vegan!!! Imagine how well you can eat.
…Bon Appétit