We have all heard of cholesterol – good cholesterol, bad cholesterol … but what’s it all about and can a vegan diet really lower cholesterol.

data from the wonderful books, ‘A Diet for a New America’ by John Robbins & The China Study, by T &T Campbell

Do the Math !

That is a line from a friend of mine. He uses it every time he wants to prove a point, ” can’t you see that it is obvious, it all adds up! “.
In the graph above you can see the figures, no questions there, and not much math required. Plant food has no cholesterol, and in fact studies mentioned in The China Study tell us that eating plants actually helps lower cholesterol … so, I say, eat more plants!

What is cholesterol ?

Cholesterol is a type of fat ( lipid ) found in our blood.
There are several types of cholesterol. Of these, there are two we hear about the most, HDL, the ‘good’ cholesterol and LDL, the ‘bad’ cholesterol. The ‘bad’ one is the one that doctors are concerned about when we talk about cholesterol and it is only found in animal food.
Plant food contains zero = 0 , cholesterol.

What does cholesterol do?

Cholesterol lodges in the lining of the arteries decreasing the inner diameter of the artery. Too much of it clogs the arteries, slowing blood flow ( high blood pressure ) and eventually blocking flow altogether (heart attack & stroke )… nasty stuff that cholesterol?

Of course this is only for the over 50’s, right?

Usually we are made aware of it in our 50’s, sometimes younger, sometimes older. But actually this is something that starts to build up when we are young – in our 20’s, even younger…
From the moment we start eating animal food – dairy, eggs, chicken, fish, meat … the cholesterol start to build up in our blood stream. It takes years to have an effect depending on the quantity eaten and on our bodies. It affects each of us differently.
When there is mention of genes / hereditary, it is that our bodies have similarities to that of our parents. If we eat the same things our bodies will probably react in the same way… history of high blood pressure – history of eating the same things.

Impotence & High blood pressure

I will quote directly from the world renown Mayo Clinic www.mayoclinic.org
” for some men, the decreased blood flow makes it difficult to achieve and maintain erections – often referred to as erectile dysfunction. The problem is fairly common. High blood pressure can also interfere with ejaculation and reduce sexual desire.”

By the way, women are also effected. Lowering libido but also it can have negative consequences with fertility.

I do not need to add anymore – cholesterol and high blood pressure are not good.

Plant-based ( Vegan ) diet Treatment

In a study done with patients with coronary heart disease, A Way to Reverse CAD? by Dr. Esselstyn CB Jr., 81% of patients who followed a plant-based diet found improvement of their symptoms. 22% of the patients had complete reversal of their condition.

Angiography revealing a diseased artery and the result following 32 months of a plant-based intervention without cholesterol-lowering medication, – the artery has regained its normal configuration.

The question was :

Will a vegan diet lower cholesterol?

Answer is:

100%, YES !

Some things that help lower it?

Tofu … reduces cholesterol – read more about tofu

Soya … ( of which tofu is made ) is cholesterol free and helps reduce cholesterol as well as having many other beneficial properties such as phytoestrogen and anti-oxidants.

Olive oil – monounsaturated fats has been know to lower LDL ‘ bad’ cholesterol and raise HDL ‘ good’cholesterol

Tomatoes – full of Lycopene which prevents build up of LDL bad cholesterol and inhibit growth of some cancers.

Most Vegetables – so eat lots of veggies

Still in doubt?

Why not just try it for three weeks, then check your cholesterol ( But stay true, only plants )

Eat these: Beans / Grains / Vegetables

A powerful, nearly perfect meal:
– Kidney beans and sauteed onions- Bown rice and – Broccoli on the side

Many vegan recipes can be found in the Hungry Soul Cookbook!

Hummus is great … a life saver for people going plant-based, it was for me!Here’s the recipe … you to help you out.Click here.