…what I’m looking for are recipes you may have tried.Something with the Brennan touch!”, Eddy

This was a request from a good friend of mine, Eddy. He was trying recipes online but finding the result less than satisfying. He decided then to call upon my services.
A friend’s call must be answered, and if it has anything to do with food, then I am only too happy to try and help.

What is The Brennan Touch?
When I cook, I cook from the heart. I know this may sound a bit strange. Do we not cook from the gut? Is our stomachs not the ones pushing us to make food, because we are hungry???
True, the stomach plays a strong part, especially to get up and cook. But the act of cooking, how you do it, one’s method … this is much more than gut, it is a bit of soul. And soul and heart are to me synonyms.

I guess that also means passion. To cook with heart always involves passion, energy, sometimes frustration and most of all a desire to make great food. And that increase tenfold when you are making food for others. Cooking for me is an act of ego, so there you are, I admit it … but it is a challenge I have with myself. If the guests like the food, that is great, well that is wonderful, but first, I must be happy with what I have produced.
Sorry … a little rant there.
The Brennan Touch way of cooking is as stated above, but The Brennan Touch recipes are a different matter. When my friend Eddy asked for ‘something with the Brennan Touch’ what he wanted was – recipes with few ingredients, instructions that are easy to follow and dishes that just taste great.
The Brennan touch is just that – that simple, that easy.
Great tasting food comes from good ingredients of course, but with minimum manipulation, without too much processing. I find when we overcook things, when too many ingredients are used, the original taste of the food is sometimes lost. That wow, bursting with flavour, is lost. Yes, it can be ok, but it is not the same… and it can be so much work.
At times people trying to cook become discouraged when they open the book and look down the list of ingredients, I do. They could be interesting recipes, but if I use them I drop half the ingredients … I judge which ones that give the flavour and focus on them.

An example – here is a starter dish I make often and it is so well received – and made from three ingredients;( the fresh basil is nice is you have it, but not essential )

Tomatoes, Garlic and Olive oil
BRUSCHETTA – Tomato bruschetta, the classic.
enough for 4 … or for two, I often eat it all myself as I am cooking and must make a second batch before my guests arrive!
Ingredients A big handful of cherry tomatoes2 cloves of garlic A nice drizzle of extra virgin olive oilToasted crispy baguette or any bread you have aroundFresh basil, if you have some , it gives that mediterranean taste and colour.
Some people add salt, no need, tomatoes are salty enough.

Method Quarter the cherry tomatoes and cube them if using other larger ones. Mince the garlicMix together then drizzle a few tbsp of good extra virgin olive oil over itToast you bread slices Cover each with the tomato mixture and devour!
100% passion food – 100% The Brennan Touch